CFL bulbs shine a new light on the green movement

Compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs are shining a new light on the green movement.

These energy efficient bulbs have been proven to help save on energy costs.

However, we wanted to know if you are really saving money by using the new bulbs.

The new CFL bulb costs between $5-$10 a bulb, most other light bulbs cost around $0.50 each.

We wanted to know if the efficiency of the CFL bulb was worth the added cost.

When talking to a retailer, we discovered the CFL bulb has a projected lifetime of 5-9 years, depending on the amount of use.

Although the lifetime on the new bulb is longer, some consumers worry that the CFL bulb may be dangerous.

CFL bulbs contain mercury, which is regarded as a hazardous material.

"If the bulb is broken, the mercury has already evaporated out of it, so you just put it in like 2 plastic bags and put it in your regular trash, said Kelly Smith, O TMHara TMs Hardware Store, Supervisor.

If you need to discard of your CFL bulb, you can take them to a recycling center for proper disposal.