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      Explore! Learn! Record with an App!

      iNaturalist helps you record your observations from the natural world and contribute them to iNaturalist.org, a social network for naturalists.KEEP TRACKiNaturalist lets you keep a log of the plants and animals you've encountered. Record the cool things you see as you hike around the countryside, then look back at the biodiversity you've experienced! The simple act of recording will help you remember and learn about nature.WHAT'S THIS WEIRD BUG?!The iNaturalist community can help you identify the things you see outside. Snap a picture with the app, send it to iNat, and you can get help deciding what you saw.BUILD YOUR LIFE LISTAs you record observations, iNaturalist.org will maintain a life list of all the organisms you've seen.SAVE THE WORLDThe app allows you to help scientists, conservationists, and land managers by recording where and when you observed living things. Maybe you'll rediscover a flower that was thought to be extinct locally, or help a scientist paint a picture of a little-studied beetle!