Our own Ela Soroka in the kitchen!

      Jolly Snowman

      What you need:

      2 Oreo White fudge covered cookies

      1 tsp. vanilla ready-to-spread frosting

      2 sticks striped gum

      1 semi-sweet chocolate chip

      1 each red and yellow ring-shaped hard candy

      1 red deorating icing


      Place cookies on work surface, one above the other one, to resemble snowman. Attach cookies to each other with vanilla frosting.

      Cut 1 end o1 of the sticks of gum to resemble the fringe on a scarf. Trim other end to 3/8-inch width. Wrap scar around snowman's neck

      Cut 2 triangles from remaining stick of gum; attach to snowman with frosting foer the eyes. Place small dot of the remaining frosting in the center of each gtraingle; sprinkle with blue sugar. Add chocolate chip for hte nose and roll candies for buttons on the body, securing each piece with the remaining frosting. Draw a mouth on the snowman's face with the red icing. Let stand at lea st 1 hour or until frosting is dry.

      Cheesy Christmas Tree

      What you need:

      1 pkg (8 oz) Cream Cheese

      1/2 cup pesto

      1/4 cup diced peppers

      ritz crackers

      cheese stick


      Cut cream cheese diagonally in half. Arrange both halves, with points together, to resemble a Christmas tree

      Cut 2 inch piece from cheese stick and place on bottom of tree for trunk

      Spoon pesto over cream cheese, sprinkle with peppers

      Serve as spread with crackers.

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