Sewage flooding forces residents out of their housing complex

Questions are slowly being answered regarding the sewage flooding that happened two weeks ago at a senior living complex in Milan.

With the recent storms hitting the heartland, the Dah-Tah apartment sewer pipes werenâ??t able to handle the excessive water, which forced the contaminants up into the apartments through the toilet, sinks and tubs.

The American Red Cross came to help with the situation, providing meals and offering to pay a portion of the rent for residents that were able to find another apartment. Not a single resident was left without somewhere to go. (For those Dah-Tah residents that were not able to attend the rental assistance meeting with the Red Cross, feel free to contact Lisa Lene at 660-665-5686)

The city of Milan is brainstorming with the Dah-Tah board to see what else can be done to help the families.

â??We wanted to try and help make this as smooth as possible for them, and we knew that the Dah-Tah board was in some financial strains, so the two dumpsters that people have been able to put their stuff in, the city is paying for that,â?? said Jim Onello, Milan City Administrator. â??Weâ??re also, for those people who have been displaced and are in another apartment here in Milan, weâ??re going to defer the deposit which saves them a couple hundred dollars so weâ??re trying to provide assistance where we can.â??

Occupants were forced to leave, some without anywhere to go, after sewer contaminants backed up into their apartment.

Some were able to find nearby apartments or relatives to stay with, while others resorted to the Milan Motel.

Residents found that many of their belongings were destroyed.

They were required to use protection during the clean-up process and encouraged to throw out everything that had been exposed to the toxins.

â??We had to wear masks, we had to wear rubber gloves, they said to have clothes covering all of us, our whole body. And you still, as you walk through it you feel it crunching in your shoes,â?? said Judith Wollenweber, Dah-Tah Resident.

The city has offered to waive the utility fees for residents that have found somewhere else to stay in Milan and are planning upcoming fundraisers.

â??This summer on our amphitheater, weâ??re going to have some entertainment and musical groups and what we are looking at trying to do is parlay that into a major fundraising initiative to help the people either replace some of their furniture, help them with utility bills and just basic needs that they have,â?? said Onello.

We will continue to keep you updated on the future fundraising plans.

Here is the link to the current online donation website.