SNAP Challenge: Day 11

For dinner tonight I heated up a pork chop, some mashed potatoes and corn.

Well today marks the halfway mark of my three week SNAP Challenge! I wasnâ??t able to post about my experience Monday or Tuesday as I was out of the newsroom, but week #2 is going great so far!

I love having more variety in my daily diet. That first week I was just so limited with my options and everything got very old very fast.

To give you a quick recap of my last few days of the challenge, Iâ??ve already finished off my bananas. Since they donâ??t tend to last very long I had a banana each morning for breakfast on my days off. I also gave Andreaâ??s suggestion for a vegetarian option, rice and beans, a try but that hasnâ??t been my favorite meal of the challenge so far. It does make a complete protein, and a much less expensive one than most meats, but that combination just didnâ??t do it for me.

I love having more vegetables this week! I purchased corn and green beans during my most recent shopping trip, and I still have some leftover broccoli, so Iâ??m doing well in that department. I had several leftover chicken breasts from last week, so I used that for chicken alfredo on Sunday and more baked chicken on Tuesday.

I spent some time Tuesday steaming some veggies, making mashed potatoes and baking a few of my pork chops and chicken breasts so Iâ??m ready for the rest of this week. Having meals already packed before I go to work makes it so much easier to resist the temptation and convenience of fast food chains.

Today I started my day with some raspberries, and was in a hurry to get to work so I grabbed a peanut butter sandwich and ate at my desk. I had popcorn as a snack to get me through the afternoon and I actually found myself looking forward to dinner tonight.

I heated up one of my baked pork chops, some mashed potatoes (my favorite!) and a side of corn. It all tasted delicious and I actually felt full after the meal. Itâ??s nice to know that I can still have a nice meal like this even on my very limited budget. Now Iâ??m looking forward to what tomorrow brings!