SNAP Challenge: Day 12

My afternoon snack, an apple with peanut butter.

Day twelve of the challenge has been very busy, but I made it through without any temptations!

Luckily, I didnâ??t have to be in to work early today, so I had plenty of time to prepare a grilled cheese sandwich with some raspberries and popcorn for lunch. It was delicious!

I also had enough time to get an apple with peanut butter to eat as an afternoon snack, and pack up my leftover food for dinner tonight. And boy am I glad that I had that, because I was on the move for most of the day today. I had a few minutes to sit down and enjoy my dinner, (another pork chop with mashed potatoes and corn) but not long before I had to get back to work.

These busy days can be a blessing since I donâ??t have the time to stop and think about food, but if Iâ??m not prepared they can also be some of the hardest days to resist temptation. Today served as an excellent example something Andrea told me â?? if I could cook my meals ahead of time and have them ready to go, then it would be a lot easier to stick to my budget and avoid any slip-ups -- and she was right! Day thirteen here I come!