SNAP Challenge: Day 13

<font size="2">Dinner tonight: Baked chicken with mashed potatoes and corn, all things I never seem to tire of.</font>

Done with day thirteen of the challenge and it just dawned on me that I havenâ??t started planning for next weekâ??s shopping trip yet. Iâ??ve been so busy this week and my meals have kept me full and satisfied enough I havenâ??t had to count down the days to my next shopping trip.

It looks like Iâ??ll still have some pork chops left over for next week, and will definitely have leftover corn, potatoes, and green beans. So I should have a lot more wiggle room in my budget this week to branch out and get creative with my meals.

Today went by in a flash, as I started with another lunch of grilled cheese, raspberries and popcorn. Things were a little slower for me in the newsroom though, so as my mind started to wander and my stomach started rumbling it was nice to have another apple with peanut butter as an afternoon snack. That was more than enough to get me by until dinner, and I had another scrumptious meal tonight. Baked chicken with mashed potatoes and corn, all things I never seem to tire of.

I think I must be adjusting to the smaller meal portions, because Iâ??ve been feeling much fuller following each meal and I havenâ??t had as many urges to snack. It might also help that Iâ??ve been eating on a more regulated schedule since I started the challenge and my body has grown accustomed to that eating schedule. Weâ??ll have to wait and see for sure, but I think after three weeks of this challenge some of these eating habits Iâ??ve developed may just stick around.