SNAP Challenge: Day 14

<font size="2">I only ended up spending $27.24 this week</font>

Almost finished with day 14 of the challenge! Hard to believe Iâ??ve been at this for two weeks, but the longer I do it the easier itâ??s been to adjust.

I have to say Iâ??ve started craving some sweets, and thatâ??s probably the most difficult thing to go without, but I just donâ??t have the room in my weekly budget for things like candy or cookies.

Today I had another lunch of grilled cheese, raspberries and popcorn. I havenâ??t gotten around to cooking dinner just yet tonightbut Iâ??m going to use up my last chicken breast and make chicken alfredo pasta again.

Tomorrowâ??s going to be a pretty busy day for me, so I got a jump on next weekâ??s shopping trip and stopped at the grocery store today. I only ended up spending $27.24 this week, but as I mentioned in my last post I still have several leftovers from last week and the other items I was contemplating purchasing would have pushed me over my weekly limit. So I ended up under budget. This week Iâ??m planning to use up the eggs I bought last week by making a quiche, and I found a recipe for some delicious looking mushroom pork chops Iâ??m going to buy this week. Iâ??m also planning to make pulled pork, because as a Kansas City native Barbeque is one of my favorite things to eat, and it makes for a great lunch or dinner option.

Wish me luck as I start this final week of the challenge and stay tuned for more updates!