SNAP Challenge: Day 18

A slice of quiche I enjoyed for lunch today.

Well week three is going great so far! Iâ??ve really put my cooking skills to the test this week. My main meals Monday and Tuesday were pulled pork sandwiches with chips. Iâ??ve already finished off my bananas, but I still have some apples left for the week.

Last night I cooked up a quiche with my leftover eggs from the last shopping trip, and thatâ??s what I had for dinner last night, and for lunch today. This was my first time making a quiche, so I was a little skeptical about how it would turn out, but I kept it simple enough it actually turned out really well! I plan on having that for lunch over the next few days.

This afternoon I snacked on some cereal leftover from my shopping trip with Andrea, which got me through to this eveningâ??s meal. I cooked up my last two pork chops with some mushrooms and onions in a special gravy, and layered that on top some brown rice (also leftover from last weekâ??s shopping trip) then paired that with some green beans.

I only have three days left of this challenge, and as much as Iâ??m ready to start enjoying things like chocolate and fast food again, I think some of my shopping and eating habits have actually changed for the better through this process. Weâ??ll see what tomorrow brings!