SNAP Challenge: Day 20

I finished off my last piece of quiche for lunch today!

Well, itâ??s hard to believe, but I only have one day left in this challenge! Iâ??ve become pretty well adjusted to living on a tight food budget, and although Iâ??m looking forward to having flexibility in my diet again, this challenge has made me reconsider many of my habits.

For lunch today I finished off my quiche, and I had another apple with peanut butter as a late afternoon snack. I knew I would be attending a going away dinner for a co-worker tonight and wouldnâ??t be able to eat much, so I tried to eat that apple a little later in the day to keep me full.

Prior to this going away dinner, I went ahead and added up my totals from each of my three shopping trips and found out I was $7.61 under budget for the entire challenge. So I decided to see what I could order off the menu for that amount, and as I expected my options were fairly limited.

Taking tax and tip into consideration, a side salad was about all I could afford, so for almost two daysâ?? worth of money I ate this small side salad for dinner. I have a habit of eating out fairly regularly, but looking at that salad and thinking about what Iâ??m really getting for the money, that might just change. Granted a good portion of that money went towards a tip, which after working in the service industry for several years I am more than happy to pay, but I feel like I really need to examine the frequency at which I dine out and how necessary it really is. This and other habits continue weighing on my mind as I prepare to wrap up this three week challenge.