SNAP Challenge: Day 6

This afternoon at work I was very glad to have my apple with peanut butter to distract me from some very tempting office sweets.

Day six of the challenge is done and I am tired!

I woke up early today to get a few things accomplished before work, which left me some extra time to make a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Iâ??ve grown sick of the peanut butter sandwiches very fast, so now Iâ??m saving the peanut butter for my afternoon snack and sticking with the grilled cheese to get through the week. It looks like Iâ??ll have enough pretzels to for the rest of this week too; which is a relief, because I was a little worried when I broke into the bag on Sunday.

This afternoon at work I was very glad to have my apple with peanut butter. Some sweets were up for grabs in the newsroom, and I have to say going a week without candy or cookies left me very tempted to indulge, but I was able to stay strong and enjoy my apple. I really havenâ??t had much of a sweet tooth this week, but seeing my co-workers savoring those sweets reminded me of what I canâ??t have. Thus making me want it even more Iâ??m sure, but I digress.

I made it through the afternoon without any further temptations and when dinner time rolled around I was excited to pull out my baked chicken. More of the same tonight, baked chicken with pasta and broccoli. This is the first time I brought the baked chicken into the station (so far Iâ??ve just been eating sandwiches at work), and I was surprised to learn that one of my co-workers was utterly enticed by the aroma of my meal. He made several comments about how great it smelled, which reminded me that even though Iâ??m on a tight budget I can still eat well.

With that in mind I continue planning for my next shopping trip and look forward to the food that next week brings.