The Good Die Young tribute concert in Fairfield, Iowa

FAIRFIELD, (Iowa) " Few deaths affect us the way a musicians does. We feel like the world has been cheated of potential greatness. On May 16th at 7:30 p.m., the Saturday Night at the Sondheim Series will present "The Good Die Young," a tribute concert to those who left us a legacy of legendary music only to have died before their time.

This concert will serve as homage to those who have been taken before they gave us everything they had to offer. The show will feature artists and their music that reach back decades and centuries while crossing into an eclectic collection of genres and styles of music.

Talent will feature over 30 of the best musicians from the Southeast, Iowa area. They will be performing the music of the likes of Billy Holiday, Jimi Hendrix, Duane Allman, John Lennon, Curt Cobain and many more.

Our tributees called upon us to reflect on our condition and place within the world around peace, acceptance, freedom and change, but what they all stood for was the music.

And this talented collection of musicians will stand for them in tribute to the music they left behind.

The most beloved works of the good who died young will be performed by Steve McClain and the Jefferson County Green Band, Ingrid Hernandez who has performed with top jazz musicians around the world, Joey Del Re, direct from the Seattle music scene, Robert Reeder and James Moore, co-founders of the band Sage, Rob Steinberg, a renowned concert pianist, Jon Estrin of Big Bambu, Jeffrey Headquist and guitarist Tom Morgan.

Featured as well will be an amazing group of up and coming young talent including Owen Blake, Wes Brown, Jonnie Cohen, Jonathan Clifford, Penelope McKeig, Gabriel Renfrow, Micah Salaberrios, Theo Shier and Max Sloat.

Andy Bargerstock of KRUU-FM and Patrick Kessel will be co-hosting the event and as part of the tribute, will provide a pictoral backdrop of the honored artists TM lives and their music.

This concert will be Saturday May 16th at 7:30 p.m. in the Sondheim Theater at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center. Ticket prices are $10 for adults and $8 for students. online pre-performance night at during business hours at the Sondheim Center Box Office opening at 6:30 p.m. the night of the performance.

This show is part of an on-going monthly fundraising series called "Saturday Night at the Sondheim," which will feature a wide variety of music and entertainment in the coming months. This series is a wonderful way for the community to support their facility as all proceeds go directly to support the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center.