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      Fire officials educate parents on child safety seat installation

      The Kirksville Fire Department teamed up with KTVO during a child safety check for the Just Drive initiative. Area parents were encouraged to stop by Lovegreen's in Kirksville to be sure their child's car seat is as safe as possible.

      â??Our whole theory is not just to put the car seats in but itâ??s to teach the parent that during the life of that child as they keep growing up, as they keep moving around, going to different vehicles, they can take these seats out and then put them back in another car or back in that vehicle the same way safely,â?? said Captain Joe Schilling.

      Of course it takes a few tries to install the seats perfectly, but firefighters say they have you covered with a checklist.

      â??We have a check sheet. Once we get information off of the car seat, we're going to check and make sure that it's not out of date or on a recall list and that something is not be wrong with the seat. All of the fire department, the ambulance district and all [staff] throughout Northeast Missouri are willing to get with you and give you the best information of how to make that choice about where your child's going to ride in your vehicle and keep them safe,â?? said Schilling.

      â??It was worth it five minutes or 20 minutes because it's Sophie, it's her life, that's the most important thing to me,â?? said concerned mother Mary Densmore.