Local high schoolers hear how a crash changed a girl's life

KTVO held a Just Drive Assembly for students in Brashear Monday.

Students at a local northeast Missouri high school had the chance to learn the importance of safe driving Monday afternoon.

KTVO along with the Northeast Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety held a Just Drive Assembly for students in Brashear.

The students listened to speaker Kayle Denny, who has first-hand experience with being in a car crash.

She told the students that the crash completely changed her life. The incident left her disabled.

"What I want them to always remember is that they're not invincible and that things happen fast in the blink of an eye and that they just need to be doing everything they can to make sure they're as safe as possible," Denny said.

Denny also mentioned that she and her two friends who were involved in the crash weren't wearing seat belts when the crash happened. She shared some tips to students to stay safe behind the wheel and the importance of buckling up.

It was a talk that left an impact on all the students who attended.

"It really hits home with a lot of people because they know that every time they go into a vehicle, there's a chance this could happen to them and just listening to the people say this makes them think about it every time they get into a vehicle," said Student Council President Gabe Thomas.

Principal Brent Doolin told us he was very thankful this talk came to his students.

"I think the kids walked away knowing that serious things can happen if we don't pay attention on the road or we don't wear a seat belt or we're not diligent about safety when we're driving," Doolin said.

If you'd like to learn more about the Just Drive Campaign or sign the Just Drive safety pledge, click here.

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