Macon High School Students take 'Just Drive Pledge'

Students at Macon High School had the chance to learn about the importance of safe driving Thursday afternoon.

KTVO, along with the Northeast Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety, took the 'Just Drive Pledge Campaign' to the students in Macon.

The students were able to hear from speaker, Kayle Denny, who had first-hand experience with being involved in a car accident. The crash completely altered her life and left her disabled.

Denny said that neither her or her two friends who were also traveling in her car at the time of the crash were wearing seatbelts. Denny also shared tips with the students about how to stay safe behind the wheel, and stressed the importance of buckling up.

"Something I got out of this assembly was that just taking two seconds to put on your seat belt can save your life as well as somebody in your cars life, or the people around you. Your whole community. It can just save people around you," said Hannah Hartung, a Macon High School Student.

Good Morning Heartland's Ela Soroka and Scott Kellum were also on hand to pass out different prizes to the students.