Motorists get a special surprise for staying safe

A few of the Heartland motorists who took the time to "Just Drive" this morning got a special surprise.

Good morning Heartland's Ela Soroka and Scott Kellum spent the morning handing out prizes at the North McDonald's in Kirksville.

Any drivers who were caught wearing their seatbelts and keeping their eyes on the road received a McDonaldâ??s coupon.

KTVOâ??s Sam the Spirit Eagle even made a special appearance to congratulate the responsible drivers.

Sponsors hope this event will help drivers realize just how important it is to put down their phones keep their eyes on the road, and â??Just Drive.â??

â??It's not that big of a deal and you definitely feel safer, especially in like deer season coming up, you know if you look up for one second it could be a antlers through your windshield,â?? said Bob Gilstrap, owner of the North McDonaldâ??s. â??So I think we can all do it and it kind of just took committing to it myself as a part of this for me to change some of my behaviors, so hopefully we can encourage people to do the same thing.â??

Another event with more prizes will be held November 15th at the South McDonald's in Kirksville.

As always please remember to stay safe and "Just Drive."