Five steps to make your New Year's resolution a success

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In this 'Sinclair Cares' report, New Year's resolutions often include losing weight and getting in shape.

Here is one woman's impressive weight loss story, and the five simple changes she made to her diet to make it happen.

Liz Corah has lost nearly 100 pounds in three years, including 50 pounds since June.

"I was an eat on the fly kind of girl, grab and go. I really didn't think about it. As long as I was out the door at a certain time by a certain time, all the kids are fed, and everybody is done, I would just eat as I go."

She works out daily as an Equinox Group fitness instructor, but says she didn't lose weight consistently until she completely changed her diet.

"I was tryin to outrun my fork, you can't out-train a bad diet."

Now, she prepares all of her meals in advance, guided by Dr. Pamela Peeke's five simple steps.

First, eat lean proteins like fish, beans and grilled chicken.

Next, always add color to your plate.

"Strive for five, that means five deep colors every single day in your vegetables, your fruits and all of your foods."

Make sure to swap out processed foods for whole foods.

When craving a sweet, opt for a small amount of dark chocolate.

"You get flavonoids here, these are heart healthy chemicals."

Finally, eat protein-packed snacks, like cottage chesse with tomatoes or greek yogurt with blackberries and walnuts.

"It's really important to keep in mind: quality, quantity and frequency of your eating. This is how you nourish yourself."

Liz says sticking to the plan works and she's thrilled with her results.

"Here I am healthy and energized and I feel great."

Liz says her secret to avoid temptation is simple.

She spends a few hours every Sunday and Wednesday cooking and prepping all of her meals and snacks for the next few days.

That way, when she's hungry, she always has a healthy option available.

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