Betty Mclane-Iles, City Council Candidate

With the exit of Martha Rowe and Todd Kuhns, two spots are open on the Kirksville City Council for the April election.

Betty Mclane-Iles, a professor at Truman State University, has worn many hats, which she says is great experience for the position.

Betty said she worked for the government as an administrative assistant and researcher on a sub-committee in environmental safety and research in small business.

I've had a lot of exposure to the small business world and I've also worked in an advisorial capacity for the last 29 years, working with the community and student organizations, Betty said. I've been a professor here for the last 29 years.

If elected, her first priority would be to help Kirksville families emerge from poverty and unemployment by increasing local jobs.

She would also like to continue with street and sidewalk repair, and the historic tourism efforts. As well as continue the support of more bike paths and trails, which she said would bring industry and enhancement to Kirksville, Betty wants to create a homeless shelter and a senior center.

"As I go out and meet more and more people, I come across a tremendous amount of desperately lonely and isolated individuals with a lot of talent and [a] need for some human companionship, Betty said.

She also said she would like to help local business owners become environmentally and ecologically sustainable. By doing that, she says they will gain more profit and bring more profit to the community.

What would she like to see done differently in Kirksville's economic development effort?

She said what has been done is very commendable, but she sees some untapped resources in the community who should be involved in the government process.

I would like to see, perhaps, an annual or twice-a-year conference where all the different parts of the community come together and pool their ideas, and do some brain-storming and see what we could come up with, said Betty.

Betty is running for City Council along with Roger A. Edge, Sr.; Jerry Mills and Eddy A. Williams.

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