Olson's decision to drop out of the Iowa Gubernatorial Election could have ramifications

Wednesday Democratic State Senator Tyler Olson announced that he had dropped out of next year's Iowa Gubernatorial Election to spend more time with his family leaving many questions about his future and the race as a whole.

Steve Siegel, a Wapello County Supervisor who is making a run for the Iowa Senate in District 41, spoke Thursday about the fallout of Olson's decision.

Siegel said although Olson had a good organization and was a leading contender for the nomination, he made the right decision.

Siegel cited the time-consuming nature of state campaigns that would detract from Olson's family life.

He does, however, believe Olson can bounce back.

"He's a young man," said Siegel. "The public has a short memory a lot of times, and we've certainly seen people come back from bigger problems than this."

Siegel said he is unsure if any other Democrats will throw out their name for the nomination, but that it's still feasible with six months until the primary.

With Olson's departure, Senator Jack Hatch becomes a favorite to win the Democratic bid.