$10,000 scholarship winner surprised after school

KHS Senior Chelsie Todd got a big surprise after school Wednesday.

A Kirksville High School student got quite a profitable surprise Wednesday.

Senior Chelsie Todd had had already won the scholarships from the local and state chapters of the National Wild Turkey Federation.

On Wednesday, Todd was awarded the group's $10,000 national scholarship.

She earned that by writing what was judged to be the best essay out of 900 written across the country.

"This is great,â?? said Todd. â??I know that I was having just a lot of thoughts about paying for college. I did decide to go to Mizzou, which is about $10,000 more expensive than if I had gone to Truman, andâ?¦ this pretty much covers it."

Todd is the countryâ??s only winner of this scholarship.

"Narrowing it down is very difficult,â?? said James Earl Kennamer with the National Wild Turkey Federation. â??Chelsie had a very good essay so she was selected out of the 900 as the award winner."

It took a little trickery on her dad's part to get Todd to Wednesday's surprise scholarship presentation.

"He sent me a text at school,â?? said Todd. â??I know you aren't supposed to text at school, but he said that I was going to have a job interview or maybe get some hourly work this summer."

"It's just great to be able to help these kids go to school and really chase their dreams," said Kennamer.

Todd told KTVO she plans to major in nutritional sciences this fall at the University of Missouri-Columbia with the goal of one day being a doctor.

Applicants for the scholarship must be licensed hunters to be eligible.

They are judged on their essay, their scholastic achievements, leadership abilities, community involvement and commitment to conservation.

Todd is a hunter, and she loves fishing and dancing.

At KHS, she is a part of the volleyball team, the high school dance team, show choir and National Honor Society.

Toddâ??s brother, Trent, won the local and state scholarships from the National Wild Turkey Federation three years ago.