12 Indian Hills grads take home an outstanding award

Outstanding Student Award recipients at Indian Hills

Anna Jordan may be from a small town, but this young lady has big dreams. She hopes to someday obtain her Ph. D.

â??Here at Indian Hills I've obtained my associates degree,â?? Jordan said. â??Iâ??m going to Iowa State this fall to study agricultural business and economics.â??

Anna is just one of the 12 outstanding students honored just before the commencement ceremony at Indian Hills Community College.

â??I'm gonna start the nursing program,â?? award recipient Molly Thomas said. â??Iâ??ll graduate tonight and then I have about a week off and then I start in the nursing program.â??

â??It's a great honor,â?? Gerry McClain said. â??I was very very happy to be chosen.â??

Faculty nominated and hand-picked the recipients for the Outstanding Student Award.

â??We call it outstanding student, but once again all these students are exceptional and not only are they exceptional in the classroom with very very high GPAs but they display their leadership qualities like that's basically over the top," Dean of Students Joe Starcevich, Ed.D. said.

Chris Ford is graduating with an associates degree in arts and sciences and her kids couldnâ??t be more proud of their mom.

â??I think she's accomplished a whole bunch though what she's done,â?? her son Travis Ford says, â??and I am very proud of her.â??

Congratulations to the class of 2013 and to Brennan Floss, Chris Ford, Anna Jordan, Jacob Stalzer, Molly Thomas, Emanuela Pappa, Justing Ballinger, Julie Huff, Tracy Lowry, Paige Buckallen and Gerry McClain for being outstanding examples at Indian Hills.