1200 students graduate during Truman State University's Spring Commencement

The graduates graced the stage one by one, all 1200 of them.

"After five years, I'm extremely graduated," said Kyle Lawson, who received his Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. "I'm extremely excited to get out of here. It's been a little while."

The diploma case they received on stage is a physical reminder for many that now they have to go out into the world and make their mark; just like the commencement speaker and alumna Beth Klein, who has written and contributed to anti-human trafficking laws in several states. She advised the graduates to share ideas and to not be afraid to take adventures in life.

"So one of the best things that I would advise this class to do is work together, put together as many communities as you can."

She also told the graduates to not be afraid of taking adventures in life, when unsure of what to do next. Many of the graduates listening said her message hit home.

"I think the thing that rang to me was to help others basically," said Lawson. "Just to get out there, trust others, help other people and just do the best that we can in the world."

For the families and loved ones in attendance, especially the family of Marquis Brothers, Saturday's ceremony is a reminder that they have helped steer a loved one down the right path.

"He's actually the first male of our family to graduate," said Marceisha Brothers. "He had a minor setback but he still accomplished this goal. I'm really proud of him. All together, it's like 30 of us here to see him graduate. "

The graduation ceremony was held at Stokes Stadium.