2013 is looking to be a great year for car sales

If you are going to be purchasing a vehicle soon, we have some positive news for you.

According to Consumer Reports, auto sales rebounded in 2012. After a few years of economic hardships across the nation, this past year was the best year yet for car and truck sales.

This trend has held true for Heartland dealerships such as Lovegreen in Kirksville. Owner Bill Lovegreen talked with KTVO Saturday, and he said that he has seen improvements and steady growth.

The number one reason he said is that consumers are trading in their much older cars for updated vehicles.

"When a vehicle gets older, it requires more maintenance and repairs. So what people are looking at is the value of a newer pre-owned or a new car and looking at the long term costs of that. They are finding out that there is value they are looking at since their car is getting older," Lovegreen said.

Another thing Lovegreen has seen is that consumers are buying more domestic brands. In the past five to six years, the American auto industry has been listening more to consumers and focusing more on what they want.

"Things are coming to the surface where quality, safety, value, content and other things that our customers want and now we are providing them that we couldn't do seven years ago. That's really come to the surface," Lovegreen said.

Lovegreen is hoping that this trend in better car sales will continue heading into the new year.

Lovegreen also says it's important for consumers to go on-line and do their homework so they can see which is the best fit for them.