2014 Adair County Sheriff's Office budget finalized

The 2014 budget for the Adair County Sheriff's Office has been finalized.

Adair County Commissioners, members of the County Clerk's office, and Sheriff Bob Hardwick met Wednesday morning to look-over and finalize the 2014 budget.

The Sheriff's Office is in the process of looking into upgrading the operating system, which is what a portion of this year's budget will go toward. Currently, the office is using an analog operating system, and Sheriff Hardwick has been doing research regarding switching over to a digital operating system.

The commissioners also visited the Adair County Law Enforcement Center before the meeting to look at and discuss potential upgrades for the Adair County Jail. Discussing the different changes and upgrades allows the Commissioners and Sheriff's Office to form a partnership, and better Adair County.

"Well, it forms a partnership with all the county elected officials. County Commissioners, County Clerk, Sheriff's Office, and we all sit down and talk about different things in the budget," said Sheriff Bob Hardwick, of the Adair County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff, County Commissioners, and County Clerk will meet again to hold a mid-year budget meeting in the coming months.