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      2014 Media Blood Drive was a great success

      KTVO teamed up with local media outlets and the American Red Cross once again for the "Step Up to the Plate and Donate" annual Media Blood Drive.

      The drive took place at the Rehoboth Baptist Church in Kirksville all Wednesday afternoon.

      People stopped and donated blood of all types. For many it's just a simple way of helping out the community. "Well it's something that a person can do and it impacts a lot of lives and it does good for everybody and painless, doesn't taken very long. It's definitely worth the effort. I know some people either through surgeries or accidents or whatever that it needed blood and so it was important that time if they have it available so this is my way giving back," said Scott Meredith, a blood donor.

      There's a big demand right now for O-Negative, A-Negative and B-Negative.

      The American Red Cross said the summer season is usually the time of the year when the demand for blood is much higher.

      "During the summer months we typically see blood donations decline this year is no exception. However this year maybe even a little worse than what we've seen in the past. Since the beginning beginning of May across the country we've seen blood donations down about 8-percent from what we expected resulting in a shortfall of about 80,000 fewer units of blood. So blood drives like this so very important," said Dan Fox of the American Red Cross.

      Food and drinks were provided, and all donors received a free St. Louis Cardinals T-shirt.

      Fox added that one donation of blood could help save up to three lives.

      The goal for this year was 200 units of blood. The American Red Cross told us about 160 people had shown up to donate, 131 usable units were collected.