2016 NFL Schedule on CBS

2016 NFL Schedule on CBS

Listed below is the NFL Football Schedule that will air on CBS this fall.

*NFL and CBS decide what games KTVO will air.

*Schedule is subject to change. For the complete schedule, check out the CBS Sports page.

NFL Preseason

August 26th:
Cleveland Browns v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7pm)

August 27th:
Tennessee Titans v. Oakland Raiders (7pm)


September 11th:
San Diego Chargers v. Kansas City Chiefs (12pm)

September 15th:
NY Jets v. Buffalo Bills (7pm)

September 18th:
Kansas City Chiefs v. Houston Texans (12pm)
Indianapolis Colts v. Denver Broncos (3:25pm)

September 22nd:
Houston Texans v. New England Patriots (7pm)

September 25th:
Denver Broncos v. Cincinnati Bengels (12pm)
NY Jets v. Kansas City Chiefs (3:25pm)

October 2nd:
Indianapolis Colts v. Jacksonville Jaguars (8:30am)
Denver Broncos v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3pm)

October 6th:
Arizona Cardinals v. San Francisco 49ers (7pm)

October 9th:
Houston Texans v. Minnesota Vikings (12pm)
Cincinnati Bengals v. Dallas Cowboys (3:25pm)

October 13th:
Denver Broncos v. San Diego Chargers (7pm)

October 16th:
Kansas City Chiefs v. Oakland Raiders (3pm)

October 20th:
Chicago Bears v. Green Bay Packers (7pm)

October 23rd:
Oakland Raiders v. Jacksonville Jaguars (12pm)
New England Patriots v. Pittsburgh Steelers (3:25pm)

October 30th:
Kansas City Chiefs v. Indianapolis Colts (12pm)

November 6th:
Jacksonville Jaguars v. Kansas City Chiefs (12pm)
TBA (3:25pm)

November 13th:
Kansas City Chiefs v. Carolina Panthers (12pm)

November 20th:
TBA (12pm)
TBA (3:25pm)

November 24th:
Minnesota Vikings v. Detroit Lions (7pm)

November 27th:
TBA (12pm)
Kansas City Chiefs v. Denver Broncos (3:25pm)

December 4th:
Kansas City Chiefs v. Atlanta Falcons (12pm)

December 11th:
Tennessee Titans v. Kansas City Chiefs (12pm)

December 18th:
TBA (12pm)
TBA (3:25pm)

Game schedule continued soon...

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