22 antique trucks were on display in Ottumwa Park

Long-Haul Survivor Truck at ATHS show in Ottumwa Park.

22 antique trucks were on display in Ottumwa Park throughout the day Saturday.

This is the second year the Southeast Iowa Chapter of the American Truck Historical Society has hosted the event. They even had two refurbished Model-Ts that participants from Bativia brought for people to get a look at. Although the event was free, organizers also had a special "Long-Haul Survivor Truck" raising breast cancer awareness. The disease sits very close to the heart of Dick Boyd, who is one of the organizers. He lost his wife to breast cancer 19 years ago, and says seeing that truck in from Worthington, Iowa was the highlight of the day.

â??The older people that used to drive these when they were new, they still like to come out and see them, and we still love driving them, fixing them up and showing them, and we just have a good time,â?? Boyd said.

The oldest truck showcased on Saturday was from 1941. Boyd says his truck was the second oldest in the show, which was made in 1953.