25th Annual Vintage Power Wagon Rally

One of the vintage power wagons at the rally

Itâ??s that time of the year again! It is the 25th Annual Vintage Power Wagon Rally in Fairfield.

More than 200 power wagon enthusiasts are expected to show up for the week-long rally, which started on Sunday. People are coming from all over, from Kansas to Canada.

â??The Power Wagon Rally here is really a huge family gathering and it's just the love of power wagons that has drawn everyone together. And we're kind of like the Mecca for power wagons,â?? said Jens Butler, owner of Vintage Power Wagons.

Butler said people look forward to this event every year not only for the camaraderie, but to show off what theyâ??ve been working on.

â??You know, it kind of gets you motivated to get your truck finished. Six weeks ago, this truck was a bare frame and a pile of parts. There's several other trucks that are quite similar, you know,â?? said Butler.

For a lot of those attending the rally, collecting and restoring power wagons is a hobby.

â??I've got four total. I've got a 46 WDX, Iâ??ve got a 49 WM300, Iâ??ve got a 53 Dodge M37 and I've got a 1964 W500 power wagon, fire truck. Once you get one, you can't stop. It's like a potato chip; you just got to keep picking up more and more of the trucks. As I got closer to finishing my 46 for the rally, I started not publishing the pictures just to kind of get everyone's appetite a little wet -- to see what it might look like when it gets here,â?? said Will Watson, a rally participant.

There are various events going on throughout the week. On Wednesday afternoon, the Vintage Power Wagon Rally took their power wagons to the streets and road tripped to Bentonsport and then on to Bonaparte.

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