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      70th Annual Kennel Club Dog Show showcases 100 dog breeds

      Ottumwa welcomed many four legged guests to the community for the Southeastern Iowa Kennel Clubâ??s 70th Anniversary All Breed Dog Show. Almost 100 different purebred breeds were judged over the two day show at the Bridge View Center.

      Lois Grier and her crew, the â??Krisma Kerriers,â?? showed eight different Kerry Blue Terriers. One of those dogs is also ranked the fourth best of that breed in the country. Grier says she encourages anyone who likes dogs to get involved in shows, and says show experience is not necessary.

      â??I had never been to a dog show when I decided to show, which was kind of unusual I think,â?? said Grier. â??It was just something, I grew up on a farm and I've always been around animals. Dogs have always been some of my best friends and I sort of just fell into this breed by accident and I'm so glad I am. They're a really healthy breed, they're a fun dog to live with.â??

      She does say that it takes a lot of time and a full crew to get all of the terriers ready to show.

      The dogs and owners pictured are from Columbia, Missouri.