833rd Engineer Company deploys for Afghanistan

833rd Engineer Company of the Iowa National Guard Unit is deploying to Afghanistan for one year

The community wished them Godspeed at the send off ceremony held at Indian Hills Community College.

The Ottumwa-based 833rd Engineer Company of the Iowa National Guard is being deployed to Afghanistan for one year.

For many of the soldiers, this is not their first deployment.

â??I've been in five years, going on six, deployed with Brigade last year -- so this will be the second one for me,â?? said Mike Carroll, Combat Engineer.

â??Like the last guy, this is my second time. I deployed last year with Brigade, volunteered for this one, got put on pretty late and hoping it'll be a good time,â?? said Ryan Trueblood, Combat Engineer.

The unit will be assisting in the combat effectiveness of other unite during route clearances as well as general engineer tasks.

â??It's always kind of nerve-racking when you're getting ready to leave. It's kind of hard to say goodbye to family and everything but it's also nice going with a good group of guys. So yeah we're well prepared for this. It's always nice to see all the support you get from the community: patriot writers to just kind of all of the people from the community that come out, all the different people representing the whole area. Itâ??s just -- it's nice,â?? said Carroll.

â??Itâ??s pretty heartwarming, not going to lie, because back in the day you didn't have the support that you do now and it helps a lot,â?? said Trueblood.

The unit will first report to their mobilization station in Fort Bliss, Texas and will be deployed from there.