88 years old and no plans to retire

Darrall Smith owns Smitty's Barber Shop and has been cutting hair for 62 years

May is Older American Month with the theme being â??Unleash the Power of Ageâ?? and Seneca Area Agency on Aging wanted to highlight those that are not letting their age stop them from doing what they are passionate about.

Meet 88-year-old Darrall Smith. While others his age are enjoying retirement, Smith still works a full workweek.

For the past 58 years, he has been cutting hair and shaving beards at his barber shop called Smittyâ??s.

â??I canâ??t get him to retire. I thought when he was 65, he'd retire and we could travel and go places and do things. He's 88 years-old. Heâ??s still going,â?? said Geraldine Smith, wife.

â??Well I haven't gotten around to it yet,â?? joked Smith.

Heâ??s doing things the old fashioned way, with a straight edge razor. Thatâ??s exactly why his loyal customers keep coming back.

â??It always feels good and last a long time. Longer than a safety razor,â?? said Earl Stocker, longtime customer.

If you want to know the current gossip, its Smittyâ??s Barber Shop you want to go to to get the latest scoop.

â??We always talk politics and religion and everything else. We settle some of the world's greatest problems right here, right here. That Model UN comes to us for answers,â?? said Stocker.

â??There's usually fellas in here, you know how people like to gossip and talk and gab and get caught up on the latest news around town,â?? said Joe Miller Sr., customer.

Every day Smithâ??s wife walks him over homemade lunch, something she said heâ??s grown to expect.

â??Well I usually make up about a dozen at a time in cartons. I freeze them and all I have to do is fix him desserts,â?? said Geraldine.

So if you want to experience a straight edge shave or just hang out and crack some jokes, Smittyâ??s Barber Shop is the place to be.