9 arrested in connection with gang-related shooting

A fight between two gangs in Ottumwa ends with one person shot and nine people under arrest.

Police said a teenager was shot and wounded late Thursday morning when an apparent gang-related dispute over broken windows in a vehicle turned violent.

According to neighbors, two groups confronted each other with baseball bats in the 1100 block of East Second Street in Ottumwa.

The situation eased, but erupted about 10 minutes later.

Police said it was then that Joel Herrarte, 16, was shot in the chest with a .357 semi-automatic handgun.

He was taken to Ottumwa Regional Health Center for treatment and released later in the day.

Due to evidence obtained at the scene as well as statements made by some of the participants, the incident is believed to be gang-related.

Nine people are now charged with a crime.

Emmanual Lopez, 16, and Lorenzo Langarcia, 16, are charged with attempt to commit murder - joint criminal conduct.

Seven other Ottumwa residents are charged with riot.

They are Jairo Rodriguez, 16; Antonio Echeverria, 23; Benny Medina, 13; Joel Herrarte, 16, the one who was shot; Juan Huerta, 22; Ricky Medina, 17; and Yolanda Saenz, 35.

Police said no more arrests are pending in this case although more charges might be filed against some of those already in custody.

In addition to the riot charge, Ricky Medina is also charged with aggravated assault.