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      A benefit held to raise money for the Dovin family

      John Dovin, of Kirksville, is battling pancreatic cancer and his 10-year old son, Jansen, is recovering from a recent heart transplant.

      While the family is dealing with health issues, a group of six girls came together to ensure the family's medical expenses are covered.

      Saturday night, the girls held a benefit at the Moose Lodge in Kirksville selling raffle tickets and hosting a live auction for a family they say is "worthy of so much."

      â??After their son told me his father was diagnosed with cancer, I knew that something needed to be done. I don't know his family personally but the one encounter I had with his mom was whenever she bought me a cookie for my birthday in fourth grade and I remember that. When I think of the Dovin family, I think of people that care about those they don't even know and that's really the reason why we did this,â?? said organizer, Allie Kelsey.

      A few of the items auctioned include: homemade picnic tables, a shot gun, and a homemade quilt.

      All proceeds will go towards the family's medical expenses.