A closer look into Grant Wood's life

John Duggleby speaking about Grant Wood's life in front of the American Gothic House

The book is titled Artist in Overalls: The Life of Grant Wood. The man behind the book is author John Duggleby and on Saturday he was at the American Gothic House.

Duggleby travels around the country sharing with others the life experiences of Grant Wood, made famous by his American Gothic House painting.

He wrote the book for a young audience. However, itâ??s been a hit with people of all ages.

â??What Iâ??m finding in Iowa is that audiences of all ages read and enjoy the book. They learn something about Grant Wood and it has a lot of beautiful Grant Wood paintings inside,â?? said Duggleby.

Audience members were entertained by Dugglebyâ??s enthusiastic personality and portrayal of Grant Wood.

â??He had a great attitude. Not only was he a great artist, but he lived his life in a great way. He believed in himself. He painted what he believed in. In the long run, he tried lots of different styles that weren't working for him. Ultimately (he) did what he felt best doing and that's what he succeeded with. I think that's a great message for young people or anyone,â?? said Duggleby.

Not only did Duggleby share facts about Woodâ??s life, but he also passed around pictures of Woodâ??s paintings which are included in his book.

Today was extra special for Duggleby because it was the first time he had ever been to the American Gothic House.