A day devoted entirely to women's health

Davis County Hospital hosted its first annual â??Got Pinkâ??dâ?? Womenâ??s Health Fair on Saturday.

It was a day devoted entirely to womenâ??s health. Attendees could roam around and visit with the more than 20 vendors participating in the health fair.

â??Itâ??s geared towards womenâ??s health information â?? some brochures and presentations about womenâ??s health, breast health to dental health. How important it is to take care of yourself for yearly screenings, TSHâ??s (thyroid-stimulating hormones) and heart health. Also, we have some fun pampering yourself stuff today. Weâ??re doing massages, and foot checks. Itâ??s about having just a good time,â?? says Susan Haskell, Mammography Technician at Davis County Hospital.

From skin cameras to information on mammograms, those that attended were guaranteed to walk away learning something new about their health.

One of the booths set up was devoted to informing women on Osteoporosis and the importance of bone density tests.

â??I feel it should be ordered a little bit more frequently with your normal mammograms and pap smears. Women's health and bone density is extremely important. 26 percent of the people that break their hip die within the first year,â?? says Tina Mohling from Health Enterprises of Iowa.

Bone density tests measure how strong your bones are and whether you have Osteoporosis. It also can tell you what the likelihood of breaking a bone is.

Door prizes were also given away during the fair and the first 100 women in attendance received a free goodie bag.