A day in the life of a single mother

Being a mother is tough: as they juggle caring for kids, house-hold chores, and work. But, being a single mother is even harder.

Sarah Magruder is a single mother living in Kirksville, and she spends her days caring for her four year-old daughter Averi. The day for Sarah begins at 7 am, making coffee and enjoying the morning before waking up Averi for school. The two enjoy a simple breakfast and chat about what the upcoming day will bring. After breakfast, Sarah gets ready for work, and then helps Averi get ready to head to school. Once Magruder drops Averi off to enjoy the day at preschool, Sarah heads to work. She works a Monday thru Friday job as an in-home care taker working with an autistic gentleman, teaching him the basic necessities of being able to live on his own. Even though it seems she can do it all, Magruder is thankful that she can rely on family members if she ever needs help caring for her daughter.

"I always have somebody there that you know, always got my back, and I'm very blessed. There are some women who do not have the support system that we do," said Magruder.

After Sarah is done with work, she picks up Averi to head home. There, she teaches her daughter the importance of doing simple house hold chores, and helping out around the house. Sarah soon begins the process of making a healthy dinner, with input from Averi. While eating, the girls discuss what was learned at school, what is going on with grandma and grandpa, and sometimes what Averi wants to be when she grows up.

"I want her to grow up to be you know the woman you know that I would like to be, I mean I think everybody wants that for their kids," added Magruder.

Once dinner is done, Sarah and Averi clean up and spend the evening having fun, by painting nails, putting puzzles together and playing a board game favorite: Chutes and Ladders. Averi enjoys any quality time spent with mom. Although she has a great support system, Magruder still has days where she questions raising Averi to the best of her ability.

"I don't even really consider myself a single parent because I do have the support system that I have, but I mean, there are some days that I just, I question you know everything that I do.. Is this the right decision for us," said Magruder.

Some days may be harder than some, but Magruder says she wouldn't change anything about having Averi in her life.

"I love being a mom, you know, it's the best thing that ever happened to me by far," said Magruder.