A day in the life of Macon Police Chief Steve Olinger

Macon Police Shief Steve Olinger

Macon Chief of Police Steve Olinger always knew he wanted to be in Law Enforcement.

He started his career in 1993 at the Macon Police Department as a patrol officer.

"I was probably sick to my stomach, especially the first day going out on the road. It was a very exciting time for me," Olinger said.

Olinger's passion for law enforcement comes from wanting drugs off the streets. And, his first big arrest was doing just that.

"One of my biggest first arrests was involving 23 hits of LSD and it also involved some cocaine and marijuana on the same arrest," Olinger said.

In April of 2002, Olinger became Chief of Police.

"I'm doing paperwork and working on grants, reading reports and doing that type of police work that is kid of behind the scenes," he said.

Over the years he's met some interesting people including a detective from the O.J. Simpson case, Judge Mills, who also refereed the Holyfield v. Tyson fight, and President Obama. But, he says there's another side of the job that can be scary at times.

"Now as the chief I'm always worrying about my guys and worrying about the members of the community. Even for a small town there's always been something going on out there that's extremely dangerous for the officers," Olinger said.

He says he continues to work in this field because of the community and his family.

"It's something I take a lot of pride in coming to work everyday and putting the uniform on and I'm just very happy and feel fortunate to be able to do it for the city of Macon."