A day in the life of volunteer firefighters

<p dir="ltr" align="left">The Floris Volunteer Fire Department serves two townships in Davis County.</p>

The Floris Volunteer Fire Department serves the Salt Creek and Lick Creek townships in Davis County.

"When I was younger I had a lot of friends that were on the department," Fire Chief Nathan Olinger said. "I joined when I was 18, took about a year and a half off and have been on since I was 21."

Olinger has been the departmentâ??s fire chief for the past five years. Each of the 17 members share a passion for helping other in times of crisis. Assistant Fire Chief Gordan Hawkins has been with the department for the past decade.

"Probably the one thing that did it the most one of our neighbors had a chimney fire, and I wasn't able to help. I wasn't able to do anything and that kind of pushed it over the edge to want to be involved and help serve the community and be able to do something when things like that happen," Hawkins said.

When the Floris Volunteer FD receives a call, they have a minute to put all their equipment on. Then when they get to the scene, they put on an oxygen tank, so with all of this gear on, they're lugging around about 50 pounds at the scene of any emergency.

"If we get called for a house fire, almost right away we're calling for help, whoever's gonna be close by to get them on their way if we get there and it's not quite as big a deal as we thought we can always turn them around and go ahead and handle it, but at least we got them coming, so we work real well together with our other departments," Hawkins said.

There are currently three women working at the department.

"I like it. I strongly encourage women to join the Fire Department. I didn't think I'd like it, but I like it," Volunteer Firefighter Brandy Dennison said.

Dennisonâ??s father Shawn Ott inspired her to join the department two years ago. Almost everyone on the squad balances a family and another job.

"Itâ??s hard but we do balance it," Ott said. "My family is very supportive."

The department operates on about $5,800 of taxpayer funding annually. They are always in need of more volunteer firefighters.