A family relying on faith

" Oh yeah! My son's a hero to me. He is," said Samantha Waggoner, mother of Huntier Waggoner.

A hero that might have saved his mother's life.

On Saturday night, Samantha Waggoner and her husband, Lance Waggoner, got into a heated argument. That is where things went south.

"He ended up punching me, and I punched back, and he ended up getting me on the ground, and he ended up hitting me with things," Waggoner said.

That's when eight-year-old Huntier started fighting back.

"He started kicking his dad, for him to get off of me," Waggoner said.

Samantha eventually got herself and her son into the master bedroom. That's when she claims Lance decided to try and knock down the bedroom door.

After failing to do that, he then allegedly headed to the back of the house, and Samantha claims he shattered the porch door with a baseball bat.

Then she said Lance got into a yellow H3 Hummer, and then grabbed the families two-year-old beagle.

That's when Lance reportedly snapped.

He proceeded to drive the H3 into the garage. That's when the situation escalated.

Samantha said her husband drove the Hummer down the field and allegedly started opening fire on the house from the pond.

Once law enforcement officers had arrived on the scene, Lance had allegedly already shot several rounds, including a bullet that went through he son's bedroom, through the closet, into the master bedroom, and eventually came to rest in the wall on the other end of the house.

Lance was able to flee from police due to darkness.

Then on Tuesday, Samantha and her son found the unthinkable.

"We went down to the pond on Tuesday afternoon, and that is when we found our beagle shot. He loved that dog, and I did not want him to see that baby shot," Waggoner said.

Lance was eventually caught in Holt County, Nebraska on Wednesday. He was tracked down while purchasing prescriptions at a Walmart store there.

Meanwhile, Samantha is grateful to the hero she calls her son, but she also relies strongly on her faith to get her through this difficult time.

"My feeling is He(God) had my son intervene to pull my husband off of me, so it makes my son a hero for me and I am just glad to have Jesus in my heart, Waggoner said.

Samantha wants life to get back to normal. She plans to live life day by day. Waggoner said due to financial struggles, the house will take some time to repair. She also would like to get her son a new beagle puppy.