A flower that smells like a corpse

Corpse Flower

Coming up smelling like roses? Not exactly. This is not your average flower. This flower smells like a corpse.

It is called a Corpse Flower, but also goes by the name Devilâ??s Tongue Flower. It has been eight years since this flower has bloomed and graced people with the smell of rotting, or burning flesh.

The flower last only a few days after it blooms. â??It scent smells like a dead animal, which allows it to be pollinated by flies and other sorts of insects that are attracted to dead animals,â?? said Truman State University Biology Lab Technician Tony Wilmes.

Wilmes said the conditions have to be right for the flower to bloom. â??It has vegetative states and then that will die off and come back bigger,â?? Wilmes said.

He said it continues that cycle until it comes back as a giant stalk. Wilmes said the flower is from Southeast Asia and many people there use the plant as food because you can eat the roots. â??The plant produces a gelatin that they can use,â?? Wilmes said.

The flower is not only blooming in Kirksville it is also blooming in Washington DCâ??s Smithsonian.