A Greentop house gets a new address

A two-story house took a little trip on Thursday.

A company called Gingerich's Structural Transfer out of Linneus, Mo. moved the 52-ton house through Greentop, down Highway 63 and onto a gravel road.

The 28-foot-high house began its journey on Route K three miles west of Greentop around 9 a.m.

About four hours later, it arrived at its destination on a gravel road a couple of miles south of Greentop.

Jason Gingerich told KTVO that a farmer wanted to get rid of the house so he sold it to an Amish family.

That family then paid Gingerich's company to move it to their land.

Numerous crews from the power company were also on hand either raising power lines or lowering the lines as the house made its way through town.