A Heartland auto shop goes up in flames

The Unionville Fire Department responded to an auto shop fire at around 9:30 Friday night.

The shop is located off South 10th and Warner Street and is said to be a personal repair location owned by Jim Knowles. No one was inside of the shop during the time of the fire; however, there were three vehicles parked inside of the garage which were all total losses. Unionvilleâ??s Fire Chief told KTVO it took about two full hours to get the fire under control.

â??When I arrived on the scene, it was fire shooting out of the back, southwest corner of the building. We arrived on the scene and there was paint cans exploding, we initially started with two and half to put the fire out and we had to go in with foam due to the fact of magnesium and all the chemicals in there,â?? said Fire Chief Tim Montgomery.

The Fire Marshall's Office is currently investigating the cause of the fire.