A Heartland man takes community service to new heights

Thomas Lambert outside of his home in Macon, Mo.

With a million things to do and hardly enough time in a day, one Macon man says he spends his days catering to other people's needs.

Thomas Lambert uses his mini van to run a unique business.

He provides food for others, car services, he runs errands and he also provides van rides back and forth to work.

He says during these cold winter periods, people seem to need the most help with their cars and caring for their animals, so he steps up and does what he feels is both rewarding and humbling.

â??Sadness and happiness at the same timeâ?¦ Itâ??s sad to see the community with so many needy people, but at the same time, it does the heart good. Iâ??m not a rich man... Iâ??ve had my problems and still have my problems., but the main message is people don't have to be rich to help another person out,â?? says Lambert.

Lambertâ??s contact: 660-591-5623.