A Heartland mother encourages drivers to look out for bicyclist

Richard Green of Pedals and Spokes talks to KTVO's Destiny McKeiver about bicycle safety.

Lisa Speaks of Kirksville says her teenage son recently left home on his bicycle to deliver newspapers and she received a call from him shortly after saying he'd been hit by a car.

Speaks told KTVO the driver of the car was crossing an intersection and simply ran into her son as he also crossed the intersection.

Although no one was seriously injured, Richard Green of Pedals and Spokes Bike Repairs shares a few safety tips for drivers to keep in mind while commuting.

â??We just need to keep an eye out for them as they're coming down through there. It only takes a split second for that kid to come out in front of you and for you to hit them. It could really hurt them. Some of them get lucky and there are only minor scratches, but some of them can get hurt really bad if you're not watching out for them,â?? says Green.

Green currently has the teenagerâ??s damaged bicycle at his shop for repairs.

Since 2011, the Missouri State Highway Patrol has reported over six bike-related crashes in our area.