A holiday miracle comes in the form of a winter yard sale

Yard sale at the Dews home on Baltimore St. in Kirksville, Mo.

A Kirksville couple held a yard sale in front of their home earlier this month to raise money for a doctorâ??s visit.

Dennis Dew and his wife were recently told they needed to prepare to have Mrs. Dew undergo a medical procedure in Columbia, Missouri. The couple does not have medical insurance and could not afford to pay out of pocket, so they decided to sell last seasonâ??s clothes to make room in the closet and raise money for the procedure.

â??Well we had moved in June to this location and we had been in a much larger house and over the years, we've accumulated a lot of stuff, so we just decided it was time to take it out of storage, out of the house and start trying to sell some of it, move some things get it out of our way. We also need some money for my wife to go to Columbia. Sheâ??s got to see a doctor down there so that was one of the motivating factors there too," says Dennis Dew.

The Dews are expecting to head south to Columbia on Wednesday, December 4.

With over 100 shoppers in attendance, the Dews are thankful for such a miracle this holiday season.