A Kirksville organization helps make spay/neuter procedures affordable for all

The Kirksville Protect Our Pets (KV POP) group is a community outreach organization that helps people take care of their pets, with the primary objective to help people spay and neuter their animals.

In celebration of World Spay Day, on February 25th, KV POP will be giving away coupons for 20 dollars off spay/neuter procedures to use at the Kirksville Small Animal Hospital and other participating veterinary clinics.

These coupons are incentives for people to get their animals fixed before the next litter of unwanted dogs and cats is born.

Aside from helping to decrease the homeless animal population, there are numerous medical benefits of having your animal spayed/neutered.

â??There are quite a few medical benefits; you reduce the chance of an infected uterus, very bad and can be a big emergency; you reduce the chance of breast cancer in females, and testicular cancer in malesâ?? said Emily Basler, Veterinarian at Kirksville Small Animal Hospital. â??You also reduce some of the undesirable behaviors such as marking in cats, roaming in dogs and the very undesirable heat behaviors in female cats.â??

The coupons will be given away to anyone needing assistance paying for this procedure at the Adair County Public Library on Tuesday, February 25th from 4-6pm. Supplies are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis.