A Kirksville organization helps promote child safety

RadKIDS continues their effort to educate kids on preventing violence with summer classes.

The program was started to reduce bullying and help kids utilize their voice when facing harmful situations.

Over 250,000 kids have been trained nationwide in the radKIDS program.

And almost 100 children threatened with abduction used their skills and returned safely to their families.

A childâ??s voice is their most powerful weapon and instructors encourage them to speak up.

Itâ??s also important for parents to talk with their children before they find themselves in an unsafe situation.

â??It really helps to create a dialogue at home and to talk about these things,â?? said Staci Latham, radKIDS Coordinator. â??I think as adults we assume a lot because we already know but when we see it through the eyes of a child it comes off a little bit different.â??

RadKIDS training has helped children become empowered and learn to replace their fear with confidence.

Registration is currently being accepted for the last summer session. For more information, contact Staci Latham at 660-785-1834 and visit the radKIDS website.