A Kirksville woman celebrates her 102nd birthday

Hannah Coorts turns 102 on November 30, 2013.

Staying pampered, remaining active and loving the Cardinals!

These are the secrets to Hannah Coorts' longevity. She celebrated her 102nd birthday this past Tuesday at the Twin Pines Adult Care Center in Kirksville. Growing up on a farm near Emden, Illinois is where she learned one of her secrets.

â??Sheâ??s always had a big garden or a little garden, even up until she was a hundred, she had a little garden in her backyard she liked to work in,â?? says her son Wade Coorts.

Hannah later moved to Kirksville in 1975 after her husband passed away and she says Twin Pines has made sure she keeps herself youthful.

â??I just enjoy going up to her room and saying Hannah, itâ??s time to go to whatever activity weâ??re having for the dayâ?¦ she gets out her lipstick and her make up and she puts it on and Iâ??ll come back and get her and Iâ??ll say are you ready and sheâ??ll say how do I lookâ?¦ sometimes I have to fluff her hair, but she does that too. Itâ??s amazing to watch her,â?? says Carol Harris of Twin Pines.

Hannah spends a lot of her time at the center watching Cardinal Baseball games on television, as well as catching up with her five generations of children and grandchildren.

â??Thereâ??s my daughter in Colorado whose granddaughter is going to be here with her daughter, so sheâ??s got some catching up to do,â?? says Wade.

Twin Pines has celebrated Hannahâ??s birthday since she moved to the center at age 100.