A Kutcher visits Ottumwa

You have probably heard of actor Ashton Kutcher. Well, his twin brother Michael was in Ottumwa on Thursday. Michael spoke to Ottumwa High School students about overcoming obstacles.

Michael was born with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy. The left side of his body doesnâ??t function the same way as his right side. His mother didnâ??t know she was pregnant with twins until she was in labor. Ashton was born a hefty 10 pounds while Michael weighed a mere 5 pounds.

â??I like to say Ashton ate all my food in the womb,â?? jokes Michael.

Itâ??s fair to say that growing up Michael and Ashton were best friends, as they still are now. They were a â??two-for-one deal.â?? Wherever one went, the other went as well.

While playing a friendly, brotherly game of the popular basketball game â??Horse,â?? something happened that would change Michaelâ??s life forever.

â??He challenged me to utilize my right hand and not my left. And when I told him that I couldnâ??t make the shot because of my disability on my right-hand side, he instilled in me that, â??You know itâ??s a challenge. If youâ??re going to give up on this, you might as well give up on everything,â??â?? says Michael.

From then on, Michael hasnâ??t let his disability deter him from the goals he wants to accomplish in life. His positive attitude and sense of humor light up a room and make you want to become a better person.

â??I want people to appreciate life and the gift that life brings to them. I also, want people to realize that itâ??s not easy,â?? says Michael.

Everyone faces challenges in life and experiences difficulties. However, Michael strongly believes that only you can overcome those.

"No one can do it for you, only you can," says Michael.

Michael Kutcher is truly inspiring and makes you really appreciate life.