A local church raises money for a mission trip

Rehoboth Baptist Church hosts a silent auction in their gymnasium to raise money for a spring mission trip.

A local church is raising money for a spring missionary trip.

Melodie Stocks and her family traveled to Guatemala about three years ago to do some missionary work with a family friend, but this spring break, Stocks will bring a bigger group with her as she travels overseas.

The Rehoboth Baptist Church held a silent auction and spaghetti dinner in the church's gymnasium Sunday afternoon to raise extra money for the transportation of goods. There will be 18 people traveling and any left over money raised will go toward housing for college attendees.

â??Actually we have an awesome response from the Northwest Missouri Council. They gave us 2,000 dollars for medical expenses and the Northeast Regional Medical Center gave us 500 dollars. So we're really excited about that. It helped a lot."

Those interested may also help sponsor stoves to be placed inside of the homes in Guatemala. A part of the group's mission work includes installing stoves in the homes of those that are in need.